miercuri, 26 ianuarie 2011

Probleme in universul Affichage

Singurul meu comentariu este ca intotdeauna am suspectat ca avem cu grecii in comun multe pacate …

Shareholders bring lawsuit in Geneva against directors and officers


Affichage Holding AG has been informed that two shareholders have filed a lawsuit before the Tribunal de première instance in Geneva.

The proceedings have been introduced in relation with the group's investments in Greece and target certain existing and former directors and officers of Affichage Holding SA. The claimants are the shareholders which had already recently submitted a conciliation request before a court in Zollikon in the same context. The lawsuit filed in Geneva renders the latter proceedings without object.

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About the company
The media company Affichage Holding SA specializes in "out-of-home" advertising. Listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange in Zurich, its subsidiaries include many highly regarded companies at national and international level. These include Allgemeine Plakatgesellschaft APG AG, which has been bringing together tradition, quality and "Swissness" for over 100 years. Affichage ranks sixth in the world in the out-of-home sector, and is regarded as a reliable partner and key innovator for the advertising industry and public authorities.

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